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Modern microlights can now carry two people for 500 miles in comfort on a tank of fuel and are flown all over the world.

In the UK a microlight aircraft is now defined as ‘an aircraft having a maximum all-up weight (including pilot, passenger and fuel) of no more than 472kg, and a stalling speed of no more than 65 kph’.

This means these aircraft have relatively short take off and landing capabilities making them ideal for use at smaller airfields. They also normally run on unleaded petrol so refuelling them is as easy as a trip to the garage. All aircraft are meticulously maintained and tested to very stringent requirements laid down by the CAA.

We have two types of aircraft:

Ikarus C42.

This is a German microlight aircraft with a cruising speed of almost 100mph yet the ability to potter around in absolute safety at 45mph.

It has the combination of confidence-inspiring stability and light manoeuvrability that makes for the perfect training aircraft. Close scrutiny of this aircraft absolutely confirms that impression: everything about it has the stamp of a real masterpiece of engineering.

field as it is on any smooth runway and its very short field take-off and landing performance allows you access to many places where a light aircraft with similar cruise performance couldn’t reach.Its outward appearance is very much that of a modern light aircraft, yet it is equally at home in a rough field.

Its gull-wing doors and spacious interior make it easy to get in and out of … and once inside very comfortable (with cabin heating for cold days).

Thruster Sprint T600T

The Thruster was until fairly recently the standard microlight training aircraft in the UK. It’s rugged simplicity make it very tolerant of students learning to land an aircraft. We have the Thruster, not just because of it’s ‘retro’ charm, but because of the little tailwheel at the back. Learning to take-off and land in a tail-wheel aircraft does require more finesse than the Ikarus so it’s a useful extra for our students that have already qualified, but want to improve their skills

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