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Flying FAQs

Where can we go on my experience flight?

We can arrange a flight of any length you would like, as long as you can give us sufficient notice. We do a quite popular excursion to another local airfield, making a total trial flight of approximately two hours. Ask us for more details if you are interested.

What will I need to wear for my experience flight?

Bring clothes with you that would be suitable for spending a little time outside, including decent footwear. Don’t wear sandals, flip flops or sling-back shoes! We will provide flying suits and gloves if necessary.

Can I book a longer experience flight?

We can tailor flights to suit your requirements to include landing away. For those with vouchers from outside retailers ask us for more details when you book your flight.

Is there a weight limit?

Unfortunately there is; the maximum pilot weight we can fly with is 100kg, which is just less than 16 stone. There is no lower weight limit, as long as you are big enough to be strapped securely into the aircraft.

Do we fly if the weather is bad?

Strong wind, rain and bad visibility will keep us on the ground; this is why it’s so important that you phone us before you set out to come for your trial flight. The fixed wing aircraft can fly comfortably in slightly stronger winds than the flexwing, so, on a poor weather day, you might still be able to fly if you choose this option.

Is there an age limit for an air experience flight?

No – although at the young end of the age range, you must be large enough to be strapped securely into the microlight (approx 10 years old). There is no upper limit.

How fast do microlights fly?

Both the fixed wing and flexwing microlights fly at approximately the same speed; about 60 miles per hour. This means that even on a half-hour flight, we can cover a 30 mile round trip.

How high can microlights fly?

In the UK, microlights are restricted to flying below 10,000 feet, but we seldom fly above 5,000ft., as any higher is colder with poorer visibility. On your trial flight, we will probably fly between 1,500 and 2,500 feet.

Is it safe?

Microlight flying is one of the safest ‘adrenaline’ sports, and is, statistically, the safest form of sport aviation there is. All microlight flying is regulated by the CAA and the BMAA.

When you have your air experience flight or trial lesson, you will be flying with an instructor who has hundreds of hours of flying experience, taken lots of tests and exams and still loves flying. The microlight that you will be flying will have been through the most rigorous airworthiness programme in the world, but it’s been designed to have the nicest handling characteristics because nice handling makes flying more fun.

Flying isn’t about a ‘white knuckle ride’, where the fun and adrenaline rush come from ‘dicing with death’ – flying is about soaring serenely above the countryside, going to visit friends at other airfields and just the sheer exuberance of being in the air. Doing this with the maximum safety margin merely makes it more fun still.

Of course making the microlight extremely safe and the instructor experienced does still the leave the weather as an unpredictable factor, so be prepared to be a little bit patient when you are itching to fly – rain and strong winds will keep us on the ground, looking forward to flying safely on another day.

Can I bring my friends / family?

All microlights are 2-seaters, so you can’t bring them with you on your flight! But they are welcome to have a look at the aircraft.

Can I take photos / video?

Yes you can. Or we can film it for you with our HD aircraft-mounted cameras – ask for details when you book your flight.

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